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Titel: 4 Ragtimes Band 1
für Flöte und Gitarre bearbeitet von Othmar Endelweber

Schwierigkeitsgrad: 2-3
Bestellnr.: GKM 229
Bearbeiter: Othmar Endelweber
The Entertainer, Elite Syncopations, Chrysanthemum, Reflection Rag

(...) Endelweber has arranged "The Entertainer" and several other similar pieces for flute and guitar in a thoroughly competent and professional way. The flute part is unchallenging, with no unexpected changes of register or awkward page turns. The guitar part has sensible and unfussy fingerings, with an occasional surprise for the guitarist in brief passages that are more difficult than the rest, which could easily be modified by changing octave or voicing. In short, decent musical arrangements of charming and harmless music. (Michael Copley, PAN - the flute magazine, March 2009)

ISMN: M-012-19668-6