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Titel: Trio in f-Moll (B. 442)

für Violine, Violoncello und Klavier

Bestellnr.: DM 1407

„These new Doblinger editions could well assist in the rehabilitation of a composer who was enormously popular and acclaimed as a genius during his lifetime, and who was  viewed by Mozart, no less, as Haydn’s natural heir. (…) These are userfriendly editions which successfully combine essential scholarly and practical elements. They are characteristically tidy and clear and represent a very welcome addition to the Doblinger catalogue. There is so much for performers and listeners to discover in his art, which is undeniably approachable, appealing, light and witty, yet pithy, dramatic, extremely refined and brilliantly crafted. Any attempt to bring Pleyel’s music to the greater attention of students, audiences and music lovers can only be applauded.”
(David J. Golby, THE CONSORT MAGAZINE, Vol. 65 / Summer 2009)

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