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Titel: Vienna for the Music Lover
The complete guide to Vienna's musical sites and performances today

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Vienna for the Music Lover is a comprehensive guide to the city's musical sites for both visitors and residents. Learn about the magnificent performing institutions from their beginnings to their spectacular performances today: Vienna State Opera, Volksoper, Vienna Philharmonic, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Boys Choir and many others. Read about the homes and neighborhoods of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Strauß, Brahms, Mahler, Schönberg and many more great composers, and then use the detailed maps to visit them yourself. Everything of importance to classical music in Vienna is included: from Johann Strauß's birthplace to the graves of the masters, from the local church where Schubert was a choir boy to the little chapel where Mozart's last rites were given, from the streets where Beethoven realized he was deaf to the magnificent concert halls where the best performances are heard today. Vienna for the Music Lover will unveil the musical majesty of the most musical city in the world.

"...If Music be the Food of Love...then this is the perfect menu! ... A bible for music aficionados or visitors to Vienna in search of a rewarding experience, regardless of whether they are deeply into music or not. Armed with a smaller, compact general guide book and this excellent guide then visitors are bound to strike the right note." (The Travel Magazine, UK, March 2007) "It's rare to feel confidence in the authority and value of a musicdestination publication before one turns the first page. Here is an exception. For where a publisher displays such exacting production values, it's fair to assume the content will be of a matching standard. And so it proves: American author Nelson is evidently besotted with Vienna and his straightforward detailed 'hands on' text shows how thoroughly he has studied his topic. One soon discovers the guide is packed with priceless information for the serious music-lover who finds her/himself in Austria's vibrant musical nerve centre. (Music & Vision)

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