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Titel: ForTunes for four Winds
11 leichte Stücke für variable Bläserbesetzung

Schwierigkeitsgrad: 1-2
Bestellnr.: 75 019
Starter´s Hymn / Vivaldi´s Garden Party / Lonesome Cowboy / Bells of Harmony / Pulse of Time / English Farewell / Hunter´s Yarn / Dreamland / New Year´s Waltz / Good News / Rocking Power (with Drums)

1. Stimme in C, B, Es / 2. Stimme in C, B, Es / 3. Stimme in C, B, F, 4. Stimme in C

ForTunes is a collection of ensemble pieces for any combination of wind instruments with an optional drum part for the final piece of the set. It contains 11 total works, with all but two being original works by Klaschka. Overall, the works are fairly elementary in technical requirements, range and ensemble. The works are fairly short, with pieces no longer than 34 measure in length, and offer a variety of music, meters, rhythms and keys, making the collection as a whole useful for sight-reading with an intermediate group of students or for young players to perform. Although the pieces are not very challenging, they would be an asset when dealing with young students of mixed instrumentation and are a fresh addition to the repertoire.

(Anne A. Watson, THE CLARINET, December 2010)

Seitenanzahl: 20+60
ISMN: 979-0-012-19235-0