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Titel: Sinfonia in D (MH 24 / Perger deest)

herausgegeben von Michaela Freemanová

Dauer: 15'
Bestellnr.: DM 1453 (Partitur / Stimmenset) (Score / Set of Parts)
Herausgeber: Michaela Freemanová
instr.: 2 Ob., 2 Hr., Str. (2 Vl., Va., Basso)

The only existing copy of this Sinfonia, probably composed in Vienna between 1756 and 1760, was found in Kuks, North-East Bohemia, in 1981 among the newly discovered scores originally belonging to a music collection put together in the late 18th century for the use of the Kuks Brother Hospitallers convent.

Preis(in €): 23,95 (Partitur) / 58,00 (Set)