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Titel: Variations op. 3 Trompete od. Kornett und Klavier

für Trompete und Klavier

herausgegeben von Jean-Louis Couturier
Bestellnr.: DM 1455
Herausgeber: Jean-Louis Couturier

Dauverné gilt als "Vater" der französischen Schule der Ventil-Trompete und schuf als Professor des Pariser Conservatoire ein umfangreiches Lehrwerk für dieses Instrument. Seine Variationen op. 3 zählen zu den frühesten Kompositionen für Ventil-Trompete in Frankreich. Durch die Konzentration auf das mittlere Register ist das Werk auch im Unterricht gut einsetzbar.


"This composition by Dauverné is a charming work comprised of an introduction, theme, and four variations. According to the editor, it was most likely composed in the 1830s. It was written some 20 years before the publication of Dauverné’s Méthode pour la trompette but contains similar lyrical and virtuosic lines that are contained in the celebrated method. The original edition includes in the title, “non-difficult variations.” As Courturier points out in his commentary, what is “difficult” is certainly a relative matter and that Dauverné viewed this work as not difficult, must speak to his very high level of technical mastery. (...) Jean-Louis Couturier regards this piece as one of the earliest trumpet and piano works in the French tradition. It is certainly an enjoyable and fun piece to perform and we own Jean-Louis Couturier a debt of thanks for his continued research on this brass repertoire and in particular, for bring out this composition."
(Jeffrey Nussbaum, Historic Brass Society, 2013)

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