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Titel: Fünf kleine Stücke für Oboe (Saxophon) und Klavier (2003)
Bestellnr.: 05 267
Infoblatt (pdf):  Fünf kleine Stücke für Oboe (Saxophon) und Klavier (2003)


1. Seerosen / 2. Iris / 3. Freesien / 4. Hyazinthen / 5. Amaryllis

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The 5 little Pieces are miniatures inspired by observing nature more specially flowers. They are intended as a cycle, but can also be played in any selection or sequence. They were composed in one go - apart from the latecomer "Freesien". During the composition process there were comprehensive talks with the dedicate, Harald Hörth, concerning oboe technique etc.; the finishing touches were applied after several performances we gave together. The pieces were already performed at concerts, class recitals and diploma examinations at the Music University. (Reinhard Amon)

Seitenanzahl: 12+16
ISMN: 979-0-012-20280-6