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Titel: Rhythm & Moods für Klavier

Leichte Spielstücke für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene

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That's it / Easter Rabbit / The Musical Workshop / A Long Forgotten Church / The Mischievous Elf / Struttin' About Rag / Rumbustious Dance / Halfway to the Milky Way / Smelling Flowers / School is over for the Summer / A Sailor in Love / Bird Song / An Irish Green / The Rising of the Moon / Sing It Again, Sam / My Old Green Car / Swing It


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Die 17 Charakterstücke stellen eine Vielzahl von Rhythmen vor - jedes hat seine eigene Stimmung und kann ergänzend zu einer Klavierschule verwendet werden.


This is a fun selection of new pieces for the Grad 1-2 pupil. The music is expressive and varied with all kinds of moods to explore. The swing rhythm and staccato touch brings the mischief to The Mischievous Elf and a little sustain pedal adds an ethereal quality to Half Way To The Milky Way. A half pedal is held throughout The Rising of the Moon making the sounds blur and linger. Easter Rabbit bounds along with lots of energy and An Irish Green is a lovely piece with gentle syncopation. There’s a change of mood and atmosphere for A Long Forgotten Church with a slow and steady bass line whilst Rubustious Dance is lively and boisterous. Plenty of music to choose from and many of the pieces would be perfect for concerts. (Piano Journal / Issue 104 2014 – Angela Fogg)

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