news, Mar 2nd, 2017
sound:files 43 online!
sound:files 43 online!

The latest edition of our magazin "sound:files": For the first time the entire magazin available in ENGLISH!


- GRAMMY nomination for Gernot Wolfgang: Accolades for the new CD "Passing Through"!
- 200th anniversary of Doblinger Music shop: History and stories about the ageless shop with a fine tradition
- Conversation with mdw rector Ulrike SYCH: "Everyday I am looking forward to our university!"
- Richard Wagner - First edition! Song cycle "Four White Songs"
- Axel at the Gates of Heaven: A Firework of gags at the Vienna Volksoper
- News from the composers' labs: Premieres at Musikverein and Konzerthaus
- Vocal Contemporary Music and its fascination

news, Jun 16th, 2016
sound:files 42 - spring/summer 2016
sound:files 42 - spring/summer 2016

Our latest edition of sound:files are online!


- prisma: Josef Strauss - Reluctant Genius
- portrait: Christan Muthspiel joins Doblinger!
- echo: Intoxicated by the oceans - First performances by SHIH at Kiel
- focus: Talking with Max Müller
- poem: Helmut Schmidinger: Don Quijoterien
- spectrum: Joseph Beer: Polish Wedding - Twice!

news, Dec 21st, 2015
sound:files autumn/winter 2015
sound:files autumn/winter 2015

The latest edition of our magazine sound:files is available as download!

- :jubilees: Celebrating Friedrich Cerha, Iván Eröd and Erich Urbanner
- :portrait: The Magic of sound (Yutaka Sado in conversation)
- :perspektives: World premieres
- :echo: Learning by doing (Irene Malizia in conversation)
- :pedagogy: With fire and flame. 3rd in Dortmund

news, May 21st, 2015
Hommage to Friedrich CERHA at the Vienna Musikverein
Hommage to Friedrich CERHA at the Vienna Musikverein

Concert on May 27, 2015 at the Vienna Musikverein

Friedrich Cerha
Phantasie für Klarinette und Klavier (UA)
Malinconia für Bariton und Posaune
Fünf Stücke für Klarinette, Violoncello und Klavier
Drei Lieder nach Gedichten von Tamar Radzyner (UA)
Auf der Suche nach meinem Gesicht. Liederzyklus für Sopran, Bariton und fünf Instrumente

Ildikó Raimondi, Sopran
Georg Nigl, Bariton
Andreas Schablas, Klarinette
Walter Voglmayr, Posaune
Janna Polyzoides, Klavier
Arcus Ensemble
Ensemble "die reihe"
Christian Muthspiel, Dirigent

news, Jan 13th, 2015
Sound:Files 39 online
Sound:Files 39 online

The latest edition of our magazin "Sound:Files" is online!

To get to the magazin, please follow the link.

news, Jun 16th, 2014
Doblinger @ AGO - American Guild of Organists National Convention
Doblinger @ AGO - American Guild of Organists National Convention

June 23-27, 2014, Boston, MA

We will exhibit our classical & contemporary organ publications at the AGO National Convention.
All attending organists are most welcome to visit us at the Convention Exhibit Hall, Booth No. 713.
Please also take a look at our new organ music flyer!

news, Mar 7th, 2014
Come visit us!
Come visit us!

Doblinger @ Musikmesse Frankfurt and Leipzig Book Fair!

Frankfurt: Halle 3.1, Stand D12 - March 12 - 15, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Leipzig: Halle 4, Stand 302 - March 13 - 16, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

news, Mar 3rd, 2014
A Voice Gone Silent Too Soon
A Voice Gone Silent Too Soon

CD with music by Gerhard Schedl earns critical acclaim

These superb performances by the Walden Chamber Players showcase emotionally complex, deeply beautiful chamber music by the Austrian Gerhard Schedl. (...) Schedl is one of those rare composers whose musical thoughts fuse spontaneously with their emotions, like breathing, whose own distinctive voice emerges shyly. Schedl processes his modernist musical ideas through seemingly chance, absorbing encounters ranging from desperate Second Vienniese energies and late Beethoven fugues to transparent Mozartian consolations. Astounding moments of light and shade make the listener forget the music’s obvious pain. Schedl also knows how to write a devastating adagio, and has a keen ear’s infatuation with tactile sounds and their immediacy. (...) The sound, recorded in the WGBH studios in Boston, is audiophile in its detail. The booklet-notes provide a good introduction to Schedl’s life and music, headed by a quote that may have served as his mantra: “Music is an addiction”. (Laurence Vittes)

American Record Guide (March/April 2014)
(...) a fine craftsman with an almost magical feel for instrumental colors and textures who imbued his music with notable expressive urgency. (...) Schedl was without doubt genuinely motivated by a powerful desire to write meaningful, communicative music. If the result sometimes seems to reflect his own psychological fault lines that only adds to our sympathy for the man who suffered from them.
(A Tre): The fast movements are playful, and though they reach somewhat aggressive high-points, for the most part they retain the light, effervescent quality of witty repartee, with the short adagios offering brief interludes of spare but lovely cadenza-like flourishes. Especially fascinating is the glittering interplay of short, ornamented, motive-like figures tossed among the three instruments—a whole aviary, it sometimes seems, of brilliantly-colored exotic birds.
(String Trio):  (...) dominated by slow tempos and tightly interwoven strings that throb or keen in lament. The funereal tread measured out by slow pizzicatos that emerges early in the work suggests an explicitly elegiac purpose, as do some highly-distilled references to the melodic lines in Bartok’s Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta (...) after some extended outbursts of agitated activity, the Trio does at last slide into a quiet, consonant cadence. If there’s no victory, there is at least calm acceptance. It’s hard not to interpret this as a reflection of Schedl’s existential dilemma.
(A Cinque): (...) More expansive and rhapsodic than densely polyphonic, with an especially tender and seraphic final adagio, the quintet shimmers and glows with sunset-glorious colors. The multifarious faster sections bound along, at first happily, then more and more frantically until the terrified clarinet lets out some piercing shrieks and the quintet subsides into its long, slow, concluding chorale, with the clarinet and strings offering gentle commentary as the piano’s solemn, ceremonious strophes descend into silence.
(A Due): (...) reflects the increasing torment he must have endured. There are brief moments of serenity in this duo, but the overall impression, heightened by the ragged nature of the music’s pacing, especially noticeable in the choppy flow of jagged, vehement interjections separated by gaping silences that pervades it, is of deeply-rooted unease and disturbance. (...) (Mark Lehman)

(...) The knowledge of Schedl’s end makes experiencing his haunting music all the more poignant. It often moves at slow tempi, with passages of expressive gentleness being juxtaposed with sudden outbursts that feel bitter or sardonic. His music also sings; there is a strong emphasis on achingly melancholic melody. (...) each of the four chamber works on offer here show exquisite craftsmanship. Schedl’s expert instrumental writing, his judgement of balance and effect, do not falter throughout the programme.
A Cinque ends with an Adagio of harrowing beauty, a simple descending idea on the piano set alongside ethereal interjections from the clarinet, violin, viola and cello. Eventually the piano figure seems to win over the other instruments and the music draws to an agonising but serene close. It is draining to listen to this and at once to think of the tragedy of Schedl’s end.
The Walden Chamber Players have done us a great service in recording this marvellous music. (Christian Morris)

Rezension NMZ 12/13-1/14:
“Die eigensinnige, hochexpressive, verletzliche Kammermusik des vor dreizehn Jahren freiwillig aus dem Leben geschiedenen Komponisten ist bei den Walden Chamber Players in besten Händen. Neben dem Duo für Violine und Cello von 1991, bei dem von ferne Leos Janácek hereinzutönen scheint, ist es vor allem das Quintett für Klarinette, Violine, Viola, Cello und Klavier, das mit enormem Ausdrucksspektrum fesselt. Bis hin zum Übergang in das abschließende Adagio, einem Satz von seltener Klarheit und Schönheit.“ (Juan Martin Koch, NMZ Dez.2013-Jan. 2014)

Die Presse - Schaufenster, 07.12.2013:
"Im Konzert der österreichischen Gegenwartsmusik war Gerhard Schedl eine markante Stimme. Frei von allen Bindungen an Schulen oder Ismen entwickelte er eine suggestive, von großer Ausdrucksdichte getriebene Tonsprache, die sich in beeindruckenden Großwerken wie dem Oratorium „Der Großinquisitor“ ebenso äußerte wie in Kammermusik. Einiges von dieser findet sich auf der CD, die an den nach schweren Depressionen freiwillig aus dem Leben geschiedenen Schedl erinnert. Für Musikfreunde, die sich für unbegangene Wege im Dickicht der sogenannten Postmoderne interessieren. (Wilhelm Sinkovicz)

news, Feb 10th, 2014
Gerald Schwertberger (1941 - 2014)
Gerald Schwertberger (1941 - 2014)

The popular music teacher and composer Gerald Schwertberger died last weekend after a longer illness. He rendered outstanding services to music pedagogy and distinguished himself by his caution and readiness to help others, which is also reflected in his musical oeuvre. There are few people with this passion. We will miss him.


Gerald Schwertberger, born in Gresten, Lower Austria, in 1941, studied German and History as well as Piano, Recorder, Guitar, Singing and Composition at the University of Music Vienna. In 1966 he started teaching school music, instrumental playing and German. From 1977 to 1985 he lived in Guatemala and taught German, school Music, Choir and Orchestra at the Austrian School. He contributed substantially to the updating (modernizing) of musical education in Guatemala developing curriculums and teaching materials – at the same time his own musical oeuvre was enriched by the influence of the South American folklore. Back in Austria he was an assistant instructor in preliminary studies at Vienna’s universities. As a composer, arising from teaching purposes, he wrote arrangements, pieces for the day-to-day use, songs and choral music and modern church music for young people. Schwertberger is well known as a pedagogue, author of pedagogical books, composer, and arranger of modern school music. His small pieces for all sorts of instruments are played with enthusiasm not only by young people!

news, Sep 19th, 2013
Wolfgang Holzmair - CD-presentation
Wolfgang Holzmair - CD-presentation

CD "Songs by Benedict Randhartinger"

On September 30, we proudly welcome Wolfgang Holzmair who presents his new CD with songs composed by Benedict Randhartinger. The CD is published by Gramola.

The presenation will take place at Doblinger's baroque salon (Dorotheergasse 10, 1010 Vienna), it starts at 6 p.m. The entry is free, but we kindly ask you to reserve your seat via or via phone: +43/1/51503 34.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

news, Aug 22nd, 2013
Winner of the beatbox mikrophone: Wolfgang Michl
Winner of the beatbox mikrophone: Wolfgang Michl

We congratulate Wolfganzg Michl on winning the beatbox mikro which was raffled by Doblinger via open contest of AGMOE, the consortium of Austrian's music teachers. Werner David Wiechenthaler, one of the authors of the Beatboxing School also congratulates cordially!

news, Jun 19th, 2013
sound:files #36 available for download
sound:files #36 available for download

Musical journeys in opera and concert, suffering artists, and an obituary

Musical tales 'of foreign lands and peoples' by Helmut Eder, Iván Eröd, Paul Walter Fürst, Christian Ofenbauer, Gerhard Schedl, and Robert Schollum; conductor Ulf Schirmer 'beyond the extremes', a farewell to Paul Walter Fürst, suffering artists - and much more.

Download: sound:files #36




news, Jan 10th, 2013
sound:files #35 available for download
sound:files #35 available for download

Late and early fame, awards - and a video portrait

Walter Arlen, News from Helmut Schmidinger and Friedrich Cerha, Piotr Skweres and the Apollon Musagete Quartett in conversation, Gerald Resch in a brandnew video portrait, Gypsy Jazz and more -

Download via: sound:files #35





news, Dec 18th, 2012
Beatbox Workshop review
Beatbox Workshop review

Workshop with authors Wiechenthaler/Rieder

More than 60 students came to participate in the Beatbox Workshop of Werner David Wiechenthaler and Thomas Rieder, authors of  "The Real Beatbox School" - and they obviously enjoyed it. The students soon could start their own tempts in beatboxing, with stunning results!

news, Dec 10th, 2012
New Catalogue Piano Music online!
New Catalogue Piano Music online!

Our special catalogue for piano music contains levels of difficulty and information about the composers and works, as well as reviews from international music journals. It is addressed to piano players from pupils to professional pianists and covers literature from old to contemporary music. Available in print or online.





news, Oct 12th, 2012
Stage and concert: new catalogue online!
Stage and concert: new catalogue online!

Complete materials for hire

Link zum Download





news, Jul 5th, 2012
sound:files #34 for download!
sound:files #34 for download!

New music, news from operetta - and an award for Doblinger!

Successful performances (e.g. the prémieres of Markus Lehmann-Horn's Woyzeck 2.0 and Shih's Prayer in Taiwan), news from the world of operetta and much more - amongst others a report about Doblinger receiving Bank Austria Art Award 2011.!





news, May 1st, 2012
Doblinger receives Bank Austria Art Award
Doblinger receives Bank Austria Art Award

Music Publisher’s 2011 Program Recognized

The Bank Austria Art Award 2011, at a total of 218,000  € the highest-endowed art award of Austria, was bestowed on February 24, 2012, during a gala at Vienna’s Theater an der Josefstadt. A prominent jury, including Thomas Angyan (managing director of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde Wien), Sabine Breitwieser (chief curator at the New York Museum of Modern Art), Willibald Cernko (Bank Austria chairman of the board), Herbert Föttinger (director, Theater an der Josefstadt), Klaus Albrecht Schröder (director, Albertina Wien) and Andrea Ecker (director of the art section in the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Art and Culture), chose the winners from 333 entries in the categories “regional”, “international”, “art communication” and “cultural journalism”.
Music publishing house Doblinger won the category “international” tied with the Graz cultural initiative Rotor, whose artist in residence program “Black Sea Calling”, a program exchanging artists between Austria and countries surrounding the Black Sea, convinced the board just as much. Doblinger won the award for the 2011 publications. The jury was impressed not only by the excellent quality of the printed music, but also by the fact that the publishing house publishes numerous young Austrian composers, firmly establishing them in international music business. Attending to young talents is generally connected with great effort—and this is all the more true for composers. As Willibald Cernko, Bank Austria’s chairman of the board, put it during the award-giving ceremony: “In Doblinger we support a supporter!”
This is why Doblinger will use the prize money of 35,000 € for advertizing its young composers.
“We are delighted that we won the renowned Bank Austria Art Award for our 2011 sheet music production. In fact it is our normal work that is rewarded here—and we are in the middle of our new program of 2012,” explains Doblinger’s managing director, Peter Pany. “The subject of support is a subject very important to us. In Austria there exists public support for literary publishers, and music publishers so far only received a comparatively meager subvention for production costs. Perhaps this great art award can effect a reassessment and equal public support for literature and music.”

news, Jan 27th, 2012
Friedrich Cerha awarded Ernst von Siemens Music Prize
Friedrich Cerha awarded Ernst von Siemens Music Prize

200.000 Euros for his life's work

Friedrich Cerha is to receive the international Ernst von Siemens Music Prize 2012.

The Austrian composer, who was born in 1926, will be awarded the prize, valued at 200,000 euros, for his life’s work.

Primarily a composer, then conductor, organizer, teacher and musicologist, Cerha gained international recognition for his realization of the third act of Alban Berg’s opera Lulu. Recent performances bear witness to the relevance of his music and its acoustic, emotional and almost physical magnetism.

Numerous premieres in recent years point to the fact that the artistic energy and creative curiosity of this master of the soundscape show no sign of weakening.

Cerha will receive the prestigious award from the president of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities at a musical ceremony in the Cuvilliés Theatre, Munich, on 22 June 2012.

(Foto: Manu Theobald, (c) Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung)

news, Jan 10th, 2012
sound:files #33 for download!
sound:files #33 for download!

Recent and upcoming performances 2011/12


news, Dec 16th, 2011
Free CD for you!
Free CD for you!

Von Einem's Missa Claravallensis

Christmas present for singers, choir masters and all the other Doblinger fans: CD Gottfried von Einem, Missa Claravallensis op. 83, sung and played by Collegium Viennense and Ensemble Wiener Kammerchor under the baton of Johannes Prinz – while stocks last!

Just let us know your name and postal adress via e-mail (, we'll send you the CD as soon as possible!

Happy Holidays!




news, Jul 5th, 2011
Brandnew: sound:files # 32!
Brandnew: sound:files # 32!
Spring edition with several fascinating topics

  • focus: Fay Wang
  • echo: Iván Eröd
    Christian Ofenbauer
    Helmut Schmidinger
    Wolfram Wagner
  • prisma: Joseph Beer
  • improvisation: Konstantin Wecker
  • jubiläum: Rupert G. Frieberger
    Paul Walter Fürst
  • pädagogik: Play Guitar

news, Jan 11th, 2011
sound:files # 31
sound:files # 31
Autumn edition with interesting topics

  • focus: Hermann Nitsch
  • echo: Friedrich Cerha
    Iván Eröd
    Gerald Resch
    Erich Urbanner
  • thoughts: Rainer Bischof
  • pedagogy: Music for competitions

news, Jul 12th, 2010
International Song Competition Das Lied
International Song Competition Das Lied
Hugo Wolf and Johannes Brahms at the Internationalen Song Competition "Das Lied"

The International Song Competition "Das Lied" takes place from February 23 to 27, 2011in Berlin. For the second time Thomas Quasthoff organizes and leads the competition who made it his business to put the focus on the LIED.
The program of this year are two of the most important protagonists of the Lied, Johannes Brahms and Hugo Wolf. In its Complete Edition the Musikwissenschaftlicher Verlag Wien offers the complete songs of Hugo Wolf for piano and voice in the original key. The edition for lower voice are published by Doblinger, brandnew the four volumes of songs after poems of Eduard Mörike!
Entitled to enter the competition are singers born in 1979 or later, the term of registration is October 31, 2010. For further details please check the homepage of "Das Lied"!

news, Jun 15th, 2010
sound:files 30 available!
sound:files 30 available!
Ready for Download


news, Jun 15th, 2010
Doblinger supports the My Peace Music Institute Kalimpong, India
Doblinger supports the My Peace Music Institute Kalimpong, India

In Kalimpong, district Darjeeling, it is very rare for children to have the opportunity to explore their often enormous musical potential, as the parents often cannot afford to finance music lessons. Some of these children get a fundamental education at the My Peace Music Institute, enabling them to learn music-related professions or pursue academic studies. They receive their tuition up to the end of their education, and that in the only way open to them: free of cost.
The Music Institute, however, is open to all interested parties. At this moment, 24 girls and boys are taught free of cost, the total number of students being 47. The Music Institute provides the musical instruments.
Apart from the musical aspects the social aspects are enormously important: It is in no way common in India that children from wealthier families are being taught together with children from poorer families. Here it is proven how much music is capable of connecting people and of making the children accept each other!
Doblinger supports the Kalimpong Music Institute with a selection of sheet music (especially for strings) and is happy to introduce the children with a part of Austrian Musis History in this manner.
Further information about this project which is exclusively funded by donations can be found under!

news, Apr 22nd, 2010
Supporting pillar of the music capital Vienna
Supporting pillar of the music capital Vienna
Doblinger honored

 Doblinger, "a superb-sounding traditional business in the heart of Vienna" - read the article on

news, Mar 3rd, 2010
New Issues Spring 2010
New Issues Spring 2010
Wide offer of sheet music of all kinds 

Browse through our catalogue Doblinger New Issues Spring 2010 (PDF, 3.9 MB)!

news, May 11th, 2009
Save the Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna!
Sign the petition online!

Online Petition

news, Mar 13th, 2009
New on CD: Gerald Resch
New on CD: Gerald Resch
Latest issue of "Edition Zeitton", ORF 

Knoten for bassoon and orchestra (2007)
Robert Buschek - bassoon, Vienna Concert-Verein, conductor: Konstantin Ilievsky
Fünf Versuche nach Italo Calvino for violin, cello and piano (2006)
Leschetitzky Trio
Spin for chamber orchestra (2006-07)
Vienna Concert-Verein, conductor: Ernest Hoetzl
Nebeneinanderlinien for two bassoons (2003-04)
Leonhard Eröd, Robert Buschek - bassoons
Fenster for string orchestra (2008)
Vienna Concert-Verein, conductor: Zsolt Hamar
ORF CD 3029

news, Feb 18th, 2009
Doblinger at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2009
Doblinger at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2009
We are looking forward to your visit! 

Internationale Musikmesse Frankfurt
April, 1-4, 2009 Frankfurt, Germany
Hall 3.1, Walkway D, Booth 59
Please visit us!

news, Jul 2nd, 2008
New international Doblinger distribution
New international Doblinger distribution
mds – music distribution services gmbh

As of July 1st 2008 Doblinger has appointed the distribution of its sales-catalogue for all international music-dealers to the German distribution company mds – music distribution services gmbh. Besides Doblinger mds distributes a whole group of prominent publishers (Boosey&Hawkes, Schott-Music, Universal-Edition a.o.), is considered the largest sheet music distributor in Europe and offers an excellent delivery-service world-wide. In combination with our promotion from Vienna, we expect valuable synergies - like lower postage for dealers, because of the order-possibility of several publishers from on address - and an even wider international availability than before.
Order contact for dealers: