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Titel: Melting Clock für Streichquartett (2008)
Dauer: 10'
Bestellnr.: 06 197 (Partitur und Stimmen / Score and Parts)
1. Melting Clock / 2. Red Lip / 3. W Moustache


Each movement is inspired by a different painting by Salvador Dalí.
Melting clock: The contrast of objects, such as the meling clock represented by Dalí, is reinterpreted in music - for instance, motion versus stillness, and line versus dot. The periodic, rational rhythms of the clock are heard, as well as melting, flowing melodies. These are then mixed together to project the image to the audience's ears.

Red Lip: The curve of the Red Lip is represented by changes in dynamics, chords, and the contour of the musical lines.

W Mustache: Dalí's mustache was shaped like the letter W. The piece is filled with humour and irony. It is written from the perspective of the mustache, and portrays what it would see. The listener may hear the absurdity and craziness of the rational and practical world.

(Fay Wang)

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